So, What the F**K is Social Media?

I am a strong believer of the power of Social Media. I try to envision Social Media as a complement to traditional media although I believe that one day, Social Media will have completely changed our media consumption behaviors to the point where traditional media will be unprofitable for the media companies nor completely ineffective for the advertisers. But in the meantime, traditional media is necessary for many brands to reach their segments. (I did not say convert…)
Social Media is cool and hype but can be more that just that. It can also be profitable for your business. I recently shared with you that you can generate qualified leads with Social Media. We see more and more top brands using social media effectively. Even hard rock music bands use social media to enhance their presence and grow their fan base. Fine, but you will say, I am not working for a big corporate cheesy organization and I am not managing the rock band that will kick Bono’s ass, (like the vast majority of marketing managers in North America) should I be spending time in Social Media? YES! As I mention in one of my  post (in French), I think there are even more benefits to embrace social media if you work in a Small Business. You can also get other arguments why I think SMEs have no reasons to post-pone social media initiatives here.
In one of my recent post, I briefly discussed how to sell Social Media to your boss:

If you are about to go through the difficult task of selling the idea of Social Media to your boss nor to the management team of your company. …  I highly recommend that you “invest” 1hr of your time to present social media the right way. Download Chris Brogan’s presentation and watch the video here.

Today, I have found this great presentation via SlideShare. Before you get your act together to demonstrate the incredible power of Social Media to your boss, have a look at this self-explanatory slide show. Nice pics, nice stats. Very convincing. Fits perfectly the Garr Reynolds‘ Presentation Zen Principles. Find them here in pdf.  By the way, they chose the title: What the F**k is Social Media: One Year Later.

Note: It has been created by an Agency named Espresso Brand Infiltration but trust me, it doesn’t look like an infomercial to sell their services… 😉 Also I haven’t received any commission to insert their presentation here!

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