Linkin Park’s Powerful Usage of Web

These guys rule! I obviously love their music but, as a marketer, I’ve got to admit they are far ahead in their usage of new technologies to spread their music, content and build/maintain legions of fans. I recently visited their web site and I have found this very nice widget. (You do not know what is a widget? Come here.)
This well designed piece of code makes it very easy for any Linkin Park fan to share and broadcast their new stuff on a Facebook page, MySpace profile or like here, on a blog. You can basically use it on ANY social networking platform. Yes, they « use » their fan base to promote their new stuff but it is done in a very appropriate manner in my opinion. It is not invasive. You decide to share it with your friends or readers. With almost no effort,  it gives access to great video footage of behind the scenes stuff with the band. See by yourself by exploring it below. Put the volume on, it is off by default.

[clearspring_widget title= »Linkin Park widget » wid= »47150cd6885d8f10″ pid= »4a63cbcbf7d6ea1c » width= »404″ height= »431″ domain= » »]

The good old days of the music industry might be behind us. However, it is very encouraging to observe bands like Linkin Park, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails which dare to be different and explore new ways to put their content and music in the hands of their fans. This kind of tactic is undoubtedly a great way to get closer to fans/customers. Artists are probably the best candidates to leverage such tools, especially new emerging artists. For artists who are already known, by removing barriers in sharing great stuff with their fans, they reinforce the relationship and create that special intangible bonding that makes you decide to buy tickets when they are on tour, order a T-Shirt on the web or buy that unique DVD with special features…

In the long run, that will pay off. What is the lifetime value of a fan?

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