How many times a week should you visit my blog?

Since I started blogging (and this is quite recent…), a few people are asking me how I can write posts on such a frequent basis?  The question should be in fact, how can you write original and insightful posts on an almost daily basis knowing  that you have a day job and 3 kids that awaits  for their dad at home? I do not pretend that is what I did so far but at least, this is what I am aiming for. Follow me on this blog and judge by yourself!

In terms of post frequency, there are several schools of thoughts in the community of bloggers. Some are saying you should just post ultra-original content even if it only happens once or twice a month.I disagree. It is a matter of perspective. Your content could always be original for someone. It is a matter of reaching these people. Some others are saying, you should post a minimum of 2-3 posts a week to keep your blog alive. It could be true…

Seth Godin , the famous marketing guru, is posting on a daily basis since many months, see the Advertising Age interview here about his posting frequency strategy. His blogging goals are:

  1. To spread ideas
  2. To put his ideas out there and get them out of the way of the next idea
  3. To encourage people to add alacrity to their diet

You could also add, to relentlessly build HIS brand, which is a very noble objective when your day job is to write and sell marketing books.

Mine are somewhat different.

My objectives with this blog are to:

  1. Create an exchange platform where marketing decision makers could spread and share ideas and experiences. If I can act as an igniter or at least an idea funnel, this will be a great achievement.
  2. Build a better marketing practice. Especially within Small and Medium sized Businesses that are often struggling with the challenges brought by modern marketplaces.
  3. Have fun! This is why the tone of this blog will NOT be 100% serious and professional.

To achieve that, I will post every time I think I have something that could help me attain one or many of the above-mentioned objectives. It could be daily or once every 2 weeks. 

I am my own editor so if I fail to bring you content in-line with these objectives, be honest and drop a comment. I will rectify.

PS: For the non-geeks, RSS feeding is an amazing tool. Subscribe to it for free on this blog and receive the headlines of my posts directly in your reader. You will be able to filter by yourself what is interesting for you.