Blogging Break Vs Blog Robotization?

Last week I knowingly disconnected myself from the virtual world. I took a ski vacation week with the kids with no easy Internet access except on my Blackberry, not very blogger-friendly.

I really enjoyed this week full of sun, snow and fun although I was eager to get back to work , blogging and twittering. I feel renewed, refreshed and my mind is up and running  to share new stuff with you.

Lots of bloggers feel guilty when they do not post for more than a day (or two). Not me.

Many twitterers feel guilty if they do not send tweet for 2 hours. Not me. ( Although I sent a couple of tweets during my vacation just to share the joy of skiing I was experimenting but no business tweets ;-). Note also that it was really, really hard to avoid checking  Twitter on my Black berry but I resisted most of the time. Thanks to my dear spouse who managed to gently let me know that vacations were not vacations with a Blackberry in the hand.).

I really believe in the human side of the web; the whole  idea that there are real people, with real lives, behind their blogs and twitter avatars. Real people who do take vacations to be more productive in their professional lives and in their blogging lives.

That is why I have problems with bloggers who take blogging too seriously, to the point it invades the other aspects of their lives. The only exception I would see is professional bloggers: bloggers who make their living with their blogs. And even with them, when they start to sound and look like big corporations, I tend to drop them to read smaller-scale bloggers. More human. When I read a blog is for its human touch.

I do not have/want a post editorial calendar. I prefer the live and direct  aspect of my posts. What I have in mind at a very specific moment often translates into a post.

I do not want to rush in the week before a vacation/business trip to write 2-3 posts in advance and keep the constant flow of content on my blog. I think you loose the essence of blogging with such action.  And yes, your blog stats drop slightly. So what?

To sum up, you start to loose the essence of blogging when it becomes like a business with all its burdens and obligations. Blogging is freedom. No?

That is why there was no post on my blog in the last week. I will slowly get back to my blogging routine in the next weeks. Continue to get back to my blog. I know you are there and I appreciate all your comments off and on-line.

Do not worry, I will not become a blog robot, I will rather take a blogging break.