Hello world!

Welcome to my blog.

I finally made my way into the blogosphere. One year ago, I was thinking that bloggers were antisocial people who did not want to interact with other fellows in the real life. I had major misbeliefs about blogs, their utility and the people who were spending time publishing them.

I changed my mind.

I am the living proof that anyone can change his mind on any subject, especially a fast moving one like the web 2.0…

My goal with this blog is real simple: Connect with other people sharing the same interests.

The blog format makes ideas and experiences exchange very easy. It became obvious that this medium was the best one to express all the things that were literally boiling in my mind!

The main theme I want to discuss is marketing strategies in Small and Medium size companies .I have mainly worked in SMBs (PME en bon francais!) and I have always thought that marketing classes and handbooks were totally disconnected with the reality of these entreprises that represents about 80% of our economy. In a fast moving environment where everyone talks about ROI, web 2.0, conversion rate, fragmented markets, increased competition levels, better informed consumers and so on, I wanted to create a platform where SME’s marketing managers, Product managers and other marketing decision makers could spread and share ideas and experiences with other fellow marketers and build a better marketing practice.

Yes this blog will mainly discuss marketing topics but I have many other subjects of interest: Music, motorcycling, running, parenting, cooking, etc. I will share with you my point of view and opinions on these matters on a less frequent basis.

Enjoy and again, welcome to my Blog.