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brand-called-you-coverBack in 1997, Fast Company made the cover of their magazine with a very punchy Title: The Brand Called You. At this time I felt it was very insightful but the proposed means to properly brand yourself were quite limitative at this time (Internet was not at full cruising speed yet!). Although the suggested  approach was interesting, many advices sounded  like motherhood statements

Now, you have no excuse not to brand yourself.

In 2009, it has never been easier to brand yourself, brand your ideas, brand your work experience, brand your creativity and so on. As mentioned by Mitch Joel in his post entitled « Owning You » , « I’ve found tremendous value in places like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn« . From a professional standpoint, I think these 3 tools do not have the same Return On Investment and shouldn’t be put on the same level. If you are a Business Professional, you can certainly add value to YOUR brand by increasing your presence on the web with Linked In. It is free. It is easy. Just do it.

I started my Linked In Profile in February of 2005. At this time I felt a little bit alone in my circle of friends. Nobody was on Linked In. Many colleagues were questioning the value of being present and active on this new gadget. Some have perceived that as a waste of time or worst,  an ultra-narcissistic move. Not anymore. These pre-conceived ideas have been dissipated and replaced by real added value. Guy Kawasaki also proposed Ten Way to use Linked In back in July 2007. These are still viable.

Not convinced yet? Do this quick test. Just « google » your name on If you do not appear in the first 2 pages of results (I am generous), you are a nobody (in the eyes of Google, I mean!;-)). With a Linked In Profile, you increase your chances of being referenced by Google.

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If I know you and I remember you, I will accept with pleasure. If I can’t remember where I saw your name, I do not want you to appear in my Linked In list of connections. This is my Linked In principle and should be the same for you. Click below to access my profile.

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Updated on Feb 2nd, 2009

You are looking for a new job? Have a look a this top 10 list from Guy Kawasaki of how you can use Linked In to find your next job?

Updated on April 7th

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