Successful marketing is based on a premise of mutual trust between 2 parties.  Buyer needs to trust the seller. Basic principle. Without a minimal level of trust, you cannot market a product, an idea, a service, a foundation, a candidate, etc..

The US economy has reached historical low levels. Canadian economy is also hurted by the economic downturns that affect our friends south of the border. No big news here.

In order to reconstruct the US economy (and indirectly improve Canadian economy), President Obama needs to rethink and rebuild the US financial system.  Its repair is fundamental to stop the meltdown we all witnessed over the past 18-24 months and to re-inject confidence at the consumer level.

Last Wednesday, AIG executives accepted to receive  bonuses that will be paid with the $700 billion bailout money provided by US government or, if you prefer, US taxpayers. To me, it is a complete non-sense.

Dear AIG executives, yes, these bonuses were in your contract. Yes, you negotiated it. Yes, legally, this money is yours. But, we are not talking about money here. We are not even talking about you. What is happening right now goes far beyond a bunch of lucky executives. Stop being egocentric and refuse that money. Refuse it to help your financial system. Refuse it to help President Obama. Refuse it to help your country. Refuse it to help the reconstruction of confidence in the US economy. Refuse it to help you. Refuse it to help your kids, our kids.

This country can be repaired. And it starts with you. Put back trust in the system and this could be a new beginning

Authenticity is the beginning of trust and trust is required to reinforce any relationship whether it is between 2 individuals or 2 groups of individuals.

Be authentic. Be trustworthy.