« The Web is what you make of it », belle association entre Google et Lady Gaga

Que vous aimiez ou non la musique Lady Gaga, en tant que marketer, sa stratégie de « branding »  représente la quintessence du marketing 360 degrés: Conversations, partages judicieux, associations savamment calculées, présences constantes et variées sur de multiples plate formes sociales,  tout est là pour maximiser l’impact de la marque. Cette dernière association avec Google pour le fureteur Chrome en est un éloquent exemple. C’est très réussi!

Quelques trucs pour attraper la grippe A H1N1

À  faire si vous désirez attraper la grippe A H1N1. Déniché via un commentaire sur le blogue de Roch Courcy. Vraiment drôle. Ne pas visionner si vous êtes en train de manger. 😉




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4 min of Anti-Stress Therapy-Thérapie Anti-Stress de 4min

Check out this wonderful clip by Jon Rawlinson shot at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan. The music is « Please don’t go » by Barcelona.

It needs to be watched in HD on youtube. 4 minutes to escape your daily tasks.

Un merveilleux clip de Jon Rawlinson filmé à l’Aquarium Okinawa Churaumi au Japon. La musique est « Please Don’t Go » par Barcelona. Pour l’apprécier à sa juste valeur, on le regarde en HD sur youtube. 4 minutes pour s’évader un peu de notre quotidien…

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Linkin Park’s Powerful Usage of Web

These guys rule! I obviously love their music but, as a marketer, I’ve got to admit they are far ahead in their usage of new technologies to spread their music, content and build/maintain legions of fans. I recently visited their web site and I have found this very nice widget. (You do not know what is a widget? Come here.)
This well designed piece of code makes it very easy for any Linkin Park fan to share and broadcast their new stuff on a Facebook page, MySpace profile or like here, on a wordpress.com blog. You can basically use it on ANY social networking platform. Yes, they « use » their fan base to promote their new stuff but it is done in a very appropriate manner in my opinion. It is not invasive. You decide to share it with your friends or readers. With almost no effort,  it gives access to great video footage of behind the scenes stuff with the band. See by yourself by exploring it below. Put the volume on, it is off by default.

[clearspring_widget title= »Linkin Park widget » wid= »47150cd6885d8f10″ pid= »4a63cbcbf7d6ea1c » width= »404″ height= »431″ domain= »widgets.linkinpark.com »]

The good old days of the music industry might be behind us. However, it is very encouraging to observe bands like Linkin Park, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails which dare to be different and explore new ways to put their content and music in the hands of their fans. This kind of tactic is undoubtedly a great way to get closer to fans/customers. Artists are probably the best candidates to leverage such tools, especially new emerging artists. For artists who are already known, by removing barriers in sharing great stuff with their fans, they reinforce the relationship and create that special intangible bonding that makes you decide to buy tickets when they are on tour, order a T-Shirt on the web or buy that unique DVD with special features…

In the long run, that will pay off. What is the lifetime value of a fan?

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Parental Advisory-Explicit Lyrics

Here is my Friday Light Post to make smile a little bit. It is not marketing related and there are no marketing lessons to draw from that video! Nothing. Just plain entertainment.

Steel Panther Official Band picture

Steel Panther Official Band picture

For those of you who had the chance to enjoy Motley Crue Smokin’ in the Boys Room video and Van Halen’s Hot for Teachers, Warrant, Poison, Winger and all the other glam rock bands of the 80s, you will enjoy this video. For the younger, watch it  for your personal growth. It is good to know that not so long ago, a bunch of men with make up, long curly hair and leggings ruled the music scene. ;-). For the older, aren’t you happy to see that a bunch of Californian decided to play the nostalgia card and haunt your kids again with satanic music?

The song is Death to All but Metal by the Steel Panther (And yes it is a real band with a real web site also!).

In their lyrics, they « discuss »  50  Cent,   Dr.  Dre, Eminem, Kanye  West, Mariah  Carey,  Goo Goo  Dolls,  Blink  182,  our poor Britney just to name a few. The video alos features Sarah Silverman who is one of the funniest, irreverent woman in America.



Elton John or Heart? I went for both!

Since I spent the past week in Las Vegas, the world’s capital of adult entertainment, I had the wonderful opportunity to see  2 shows from music industry icons which had international success in the 70s and 80s and still influence today’s pop and rock music: Elton John and Heart (yes, yes the band with the 2 Wilson sisters 😉 ). Let me share with you the main highlights of these 2 fabulous musical experiences.

February 6th, 2009, LasVegas Hilton: Heart

heart-in-vegasI have always been a big Heart fan. I remember my teenage years listening to their 80s greatest hits like « Alone » and « These Dreams ». Still today, I listen to their music a lot and my kids love it too. I never had the chance to see them live though. They do not come to Quebec City nor Montreal very often…

The show was a total blast. They are one of the few 80s band that aged well, even if many of their songs featured Casio synths during that period… Let me also tell you that Nancy Wilson ages pretty well too ;-). Ann had a very crisp and raunchy voice and did well the whole show. I literaly had goose bumps when she threw those high pitch notes.

They just did the  major hits that have played on top40 radio stations over the past 30 years or so. Here is the set list I had the chance to hear and see:

Wild Child (that was not the best choice to rock the audience upfront, IMHO)
Magic Man (Sounded great, nice electric guitar)
Straight On (My dear Valerie would have liked to be there since that is her best Heart song)
Love Alive
Mistral Wind

You Wreck Me
(took a few seconds to identify this Tom Petty cover but Nancy did a great singing performance)
Dog & Butterfly (to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the song. One Word: Magic. Ann and Nancy did it acoustic)

These Dreams (With Nancy on the mandolin, a different version but very well executed)
Alone (One of the best vocal performance of the two sisters, Ann on the main and Nancy doing the backing vocals0
Love Reign
(Wow, what a great way to exploit the E string of a Les Paul!, Unbelievable!)

Encore One
Going to California (Heart is probably the best band still alive to render Led Zeppelin songs. This one was a nice surprise for me)
Crazy on You (This song left a permanent imprint in my musical memory and this show just crystallized it)

To sum up: An unexpectedwonderful evening . The unexpectedness of this show  may explain why I had such a great evening even if I was by myself! I still have goosebumps…

February 11th, 2009, LasVegas Ceasar’s Palace Colosseum: Elton John, The Red Piano.

elton-john-red-piano-adElton John is another music icon and altough I am a big rock and metal fan, I can appreciate his musical talent and unique melodic skills. Again, this evening was unexpected. My colleague Annie and I decided to go see him the day of the show! We have been lucky to get tickets and it was one of our last chance to see that unique stage set created by Designer/Photographer/Video Clip producer David LaChapelle.

LaChapelle did an amazing job to visually give us an overview of Elton’s career and complement his songs with background images and videos. You will witness a few blow-up stage props,  giant roses (that might be interpreted as something else),  bananas and cherries (to simulate a man’s toy), a pair of breasts and many other neon flashing signs about the Vegas adult entertainment scene.

Elton opened the show with the piano chords of  « Benny and the Jets » . Sound was great and Nigel Olson drum kit was beating in my heart. Elton did ALL his major hits as « Rocketman »  which means a lot to me. Pay attention to these lyrics written almost 3 decades ago… He  also did « Someone Saved My Life Last Night » and the images that were projected on the back screen were so special. I suited perfectly he lyrics. One of the highlight moment of the show was  « Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting »  when he asked all the people in the front rows to join him on stage. A great moment! Then he played one of my favorite one: Tiny Dancer. Although I did not appreciated that much the slide guitar on this one… I would have liked better a piano only version.

Then Elton entered in few explanations on some lyrics of the songs he did with Bernie Taupin, candidly saying that even after 40 years of singing them, he doesn’t get the sense of some lyrics. Very funny indeed. This is when I learned that the song  « Daniel »  was in fact a song about war. Bernie Taupin’s first draft of the song made clear the war aspect in the first verse of the song but Elton cut it to shorten the song and elimating its reference to war at the same time…

The show ends with  « Your Song » and big LOVE air inflated letters. See attached picture taken with my Blackberry at the end of the show.


I was really pleased to see these 2 musical icons in less than 5 days. That is one of the good side of Vegas for music lovers like me who are not really into gambling!

Je ne comprends pas

Vous rappellez-vous de ce que vous faisiez le 6 décembre 1989? Moi oui et très bien à part cela. J’avais 16 ans. Je me rappelle exactement où j’étais. Je rentrais dans le chalet d’un de mes copains d’enfance . Eric M. tu t’en rappelles j’en suis sûr. Je me rappelle exactement comment j’ai appris cette tragique nouvelle, et ce, même si ca fait près de 20 ans. Je revois encore le visage affolé de la mère de mon ami qui regardait les reportages en boucle à la télé décrivant l’indescriptible. Elle tentait en vain de rejoindre par téléphone son fils ainé qui étudiait à Polytechnique.Vous n’êtes pas sûr de savoir de quoi je parle? Allez voir sur le site de Radio-Canada. Vous y trouverez un dossier complet.

20 ans, c’est long dans ma jeune vie à moi mais dans l’Histoire collective du Québec, c’est un coup de feu.

polytechnique-posterTout comme je n’ai jamais compris les sordides idées de Marc Lépine, je ne comprend vraiment pas l’idée de faire un film avec cette tragédie. Malgré, les tentatives d’explications de Karine Vanasse ( que j’adore comme actrice par ailleurs) dès les premiers balbutiements de ce projet. Depuis quelques jours, je lis et j’entends des entrevues de Denis Villeneuve (que j’avais jusqu’ici estimé comme cinéaste) à propos du film et, dans ses justifications, rien ne me pousse à changer d’avis à propos de ce film et de son utilité.

Villeneuve dit que sont film est une tentative de consolation. Comment, rebrasser ces souvenirs, va venir consoler qui que ce soit? Je ne comprends pas.

Villeneuve dit que son film servira à se rappeller… À se rappeller de quoi, de qui? Pour se rappeller de cette tragédie, pas besoin de faire un film. Si le coeur vous en dit, Radio-Canada a mis en ligne toutes les archives télévisuelles en lien avec l’événement. Ce film ne servira pas à mieux se rappeller de la tragédie. Le nom de Marc Lépine est gravé à jamais dans notre mémoire collective. Ce film servira à se rappeller du cinéaste qui l’a réalisé par contre. Encore là, je ne comprends pas.

Dans l’Actualité de Janvier-Février 2009, Villeneuve dit que  des films sont réalisés à propos de toutes les grandes tragédies. Ils permettent de mieux comprendre des événements. Il cite par ailleurs les grandes guerres qui ont toutes méritées leur lots de films.C’est vrai et c’est une bonne chose. Le problème en comparant les films produits sur les deux  guerres mondiales et son dernier film est simple:

  • Polytechnique, c’est l’histoire du meurtre planifié de 14 jeunes femmes par un illuminé. Qu’y a-t-il à comprendre là dedans? Se poser la question, c’est y répondre.
  • Polytechnique, c’est un drame qui s’est déroulé il y a 20 ans. En tant que peuple, on a pas pris assez de recul par rapport aux événements pour justifier que l’on revienne rebrasser cela.

Ceux qui prétendent que les plus jeunes qui ont « manqué » cet événement apprécieront le voir sur grand écran se méprennent. Encore une fois, tout ce qui devait être dit a été dit et publié. Ces jeunes connaissent très bien Google. Tout est là, sur le web. En ajouter n’améliore pas la compréhension d’un événement inexplicable. L’événement est aussi commémoré avec douleur chaque année par les grands médias.

Pour ceux qui me disent, oui mais tu juges avant d’avoir vu le film. C’est vrai et je n’irai pas voir ce film de toute façon. Je ne juge pas le film mais le projet de faire un film sur cette tragédie. Quand je vais voir un film, c’est pour combler un des 3 besoins suivants:

  1. Me divertir;
  2. Apprendre sur un sujet qui m’intéresse;
  3. Ou les deux à la fois: me divertir et apprendre.

Suis-je le seul à vouloir combler ces besoins par le cinéma? Non. Or, ce film ne comble aucun de ces 3 besoins. Il n’a pas de raison d’être.

Je n’irai pas voir Polytechnique.Je ne comprends pas.

My current Musical Top 5 list

As I mentioned in « My Music » page. I wanted to share with you my Flavors of the moment in terms of musical tastes. So, in early January 2009, here are the artists that make the list and diligently bust my iPod’s headphones!

  1. Metallica, Death Magnetic. Since the release on Sept, 12th. This album, that has been awaited for many years, almost haunt me. Aggressive. Brutal. Tight. Excellent sound quality. Unbelievably fast tracks. My favorite: All Nightmare Long.
  2. Scars on Broadway. This band is led by former System of a Down guitar hero, Daron Malakian. He is is also the lead singer on this album. It was an impulse buying when it was released last summer. Very short songs. Ultra diversified rythms while remaining a rock album. I was disappointed when they cancelled their North American Tour last fall for  ambiguous reasons (supposedly lower than expected record sales) but I still listen to it with great pleasure. I great discovery for the hard rock fans.
  3. Linkin Park, Live in Montreal. Recorded Live in February at the Bell Center in Montreal. Surprising sound quality! Chester is as good as he could be. I can’t understand how he can yell and sing mellow tunes right after and always keep his perfect pitch until the encore.
  4. Coldplay, Viva la Vida. A very weird album in my opinion. With brass on certain songs and electronic stuff on others. They have put together a great varitey of ambiances. My Favorite: « Yes »
  5. Creedance Clearwater Revival: I don’t know why. I rediscovered John Fogerty’s aggressive voice when my 3year old son started to dance in the living room on the first chords of Bad Moon Rising a couple of weeks ago. He was playing air guitar like crazy and since then, we keep on listening to that song every night together before going to bed. Fortunate Son still sounds great too.

Feel free to jump in and share here with me your latest musical discoveries. I’ll be more than happy to hear from you.