About me

Who’s this guy?!

I am a simple guy working in marketing and who wants to discuss marketing with other marketing professionals.

I have a Master’s Degree (M.Sc) in Marketing from Sherbrooke (QC) University. I graduated in 1998. I did my thesis on the importance of the innovation in SMEs. You can find it in my My Box.net file on this blog (It is in French though. Feel free to download it). Since then, I have worked in numerous marketing positions in SMBs ranging from 30 to 2600 employees, including Venmar and MAAX. As a lecturer, I also taught several marketing courses at the M.B.A. level. Want to know more details about my professional background? Please visit my Linked In profile by clicking the button below.

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Since July 2008, I have left the Montreal region to live in the wonderful Quebec City area. I was director of marketing  at South Shore Furniture which produces and sells assembled and Ready-to-Assemble furniture. During this period, my interest for digital marketing and web 2.0 strategies has grown rapidly in parallel with the creation of this blog. From March 2011 to Sept 2019, I was Vice President Marketing for Preverco which specializes in top of the line hardwood flooring. It has been a wonderful challenge for me to work in a  different industry as I had been able to use the knowledge acquired in the past 14 years of practical marketing.

In September 2019, thirsty for new challenges and curious to know even more about digital marketing, after more than 20 years in the manufacturing world, I completely changed industry. I’m diving head first into the wonderful world of insurance by accepting a position as a marketing consultant at La Capitale.

I love simple and practical things. Bring me back on track if I do not walk the talk!

I am living in the Quebec City area. For any inquiries, post suggestion or question, please use my blog email: chabotblog@gmail.com

5 réflexions au sujet de « About me »

  1. Salut Étienne,

    Nous faisons modestement mais surement notre entrée dans le monde du blogue.. Je me suis permis de te mettre dans notre blogroll!!!

    Je te lis régulièrement.. Keep goin’


    • Merci Louis, c’est réciproque. J’avais en effet constaté que j’avais un peu de traffic en provenance de votre blogue Le Propageur.

      Ce sera un plaisir d’échanger nos idées en ligne sur une de nos blogue ou ailleurs.

      Au plaisir.

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