Web Usability: « Don’t Make me Think »

When it comes to web usability, web site navigation, ergonomy, etc.,  one of the most frequently cited name is Steve Krug, world-renowned web usability consultant. Any marketer  who has to make decisions on web site design MUST read his book: « Don’t Make me Think ». The book is available at Amazon here. For those of you who can’t afford the book or do not have the time to read, h This nice slide deck sums up the essence of the book and should be enough to entice you to rush to Amazon and invest a couple of bucks to get your own copy. Enjoy!

This presentation has been created by Amit Mullerpatta located in, India. He works at  www.byteridge.com. Originally, the presentation was intended for his colleagues to get them interested in one of the best books he had read on usability. Now, I’m sharing it with you. Isn’t amazing?

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7 réflexions au sujet de « Web Usability: « Don’t Make me Think » »

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  2. Yes, this book is truely very good. The part on usability testing is really helpful. I think that it’s true that you only need about 3 users to find the big flaws in your website. You can now do these tests almost for free. « Don’t make me think » should be re-read by every designers who make complicated websites or by those who make my eyes hurt by writing in grey color on a black background.

    • @Jean-Francois
      People like you are usually aware of what Steve Krug recommends in his book but, as you mentioned, they tend to forget the basics sometimes… Like any marketing profession, in web design, every action should be attached to a business objective.

  3. Je pense qu’on ne lit jamais assez de ce genre de choses.
    Plein de trucs là dedans pour une meilleure rédaction.
    Des exemples de avant-après pourraient être intéressants aussi. Souvent, on est bien d’accord avec le concept mais l’application est moins évidente.

    Thanks 🙂

  4. It is a great book, indeed, and a good summary. However, I am a bit uneasy when I see a post like this adressed to « those who can’t afford the book ». I would rather expect such a presentation to entice people to dig further in the subject matter and, eventually, even purchase the book. It is still worth it, even after reading the summary, isn’t it?


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