Starbucks Tribal Knowledge

To follow up on Seth Godin’s Tribes book that I have just finished , here is a great presentation on branding. It describes in a few very well designed slides how the mythical Starbucks Coffee company built its brand from scratch by creating a powerful tribes of supporters. The slides are self-explanatory and do reprensent a excellent starting point to anyone trying to leverage on the new marketing tools to build their brand on the Tribes principles. This presentation also complements very well the Infopresse conference (Journée Infopresse360) Seth gave last week in Montreal.

If you want to live and breathe the Starbucks experience without leaving your screen, you can follow them on Twitter here.

To complement, I recommend you this interview with Seth Godin with LesAffaires. The interview is done in English but there are French subtitles. He basically sums up the Tribes principles and highlights why it’s important for organizations to build their tribes to sustain.–strategie/2009-04-23/492269/


Une réflexion au sujet de « Starbucks Tribal Knowledge »

  1. Funny how slides 24 represent the nickname my wife gives to that coffee depot: Fivebucks coffee.

    Still, the coffee is good, the business is doing great and luckylly for me there is none of these store close by my houes, workplace or on my commute to work. But I do get tempted the odd time I pass by one.

    Note that I’ve now dicovered that for the same price you can get from the grocery store a 750ml of Boathouse protein drinks, which Starbuck has yet to equate the taste of these drinks.

    You can see from my note that I’m no marketing guru, just a fish.

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