How to Use Twitter for Business?

I guess that if you are working in marketing, you have been hearing a lot about social media and especially Twitter in the past few months. If you are more of a traditional marketer, you are probably wondering how to leverage social media for your business? Where do I start? What should I avoid? And so on. You know,  all the questions that your boss is asking you before moving forward with these new trendy tools? Right?

Well, I have found some meat for you.

While I was working on my Social Media strategy, I had most of those questions answered about my Twitter  business strategy watching this Slide Share presentation by Ian Green from Green Communications. Thanks to Ann who made me aware that Mr Green just decided to delete its nice presentation from without advising the ones who promoted it on their blog… 😉 Luckily, I have been able to find this one from hubspot which is even better.

BONUS: A nice gadget that anyone on Twitter can use: The Twitter Mosaic. Look at mine at the bottom right page of my blog. I take this opportunity to thank all my great followers! I had to remove the Twitter Mosaic from my blog because, s my number of followers kept on growing, it was taking up too much space on this page!

You do not follow me on Twitter? Do it here.

Wanna have a Twitter 101 introduction? See this post (in French).

Updated Dec 1st, 2009: Not sure that Twitter might be good for your business? Check out 15 Business Reasons to Use Twitter by Douglas Karr.

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