Parental Advisory-Explicit Lyrics

Here is my Friday Light Post to make smile a little bit. It is not marketing related and there are no marketing lessons to draw from that video! Nothing. Just plain entertainment.

Steel Panther Official Band picture

Steel Panther Official Band picture

For those of you who had the chance to enjoy Motley Crue Smokin’ in the Boys Room video and Van Halen’s Hot for Teachers, Warrant, Poison, Winger and all the other glam rock bands of the 80s, you will enjoy this video. For the younger, watch it  for your personal growth. It is good to know that not so long ago, a bunch of men with make up, long curly hair and leggings ruled the music scene. ;-). For the older, aren’t you happy to see that a bunch of Californian decided to play the nostalgia card and haunt your kids again with satanic music?

The song is Death to All but Metal by the Steel Panther (And yes it is a real band with a real web site also!).

In their lyrics, they « discuss »  50  Cent,   Dr.  Dre, Eminem, Kanye  West, Mariah  Carey,  Goo Goo  Dolls,  Blink  182,  our poor Britney just to name a few. The video alos features Sarah Silverman who is one of the funniest, irreverent woman in America.



4 réflexions au sujet de « Parental Advisory-Explicit Lyrics »

  1. I hear Eminem is coming out with a new album. I think this is awsome because he is puutin’ his city on and still remains to hold the midwest down. Thats where me and my friends are from so we dig all the artist that represent where we are from. Another artist thats puttin on for the midwest is ‘J-Kwon’. He has a new album out titled ‘HoodHop2’. I love it and so do all my boys. Its raw!!!!

  2. ROFL !!!
    Long time no see !!!
    C’est difficile de dire si la période « Glam metal » fait resurgir des bons ou mauvais souvenirs… cela a vraiment mal vieilli…

    • @Nicolas
      Content de te lire ici!On ne peut pas dire que le glam a bien vieilli en effet… mais c’est tout de même amusant de faire relaillir un peu de nostalgie de nos coeurs. 😉

      As-tu des découvertes metal ou autres à partager ces temps-ci? Fais-moi signe et je les partagerai avec mes lecteurs.

      Au plaisir.


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