Marketing is re-inventing itself. Are you?

Marketers, you will enjoy this video on the « Evolution of marketing ». I found it on tonight. It comes from Germany but it is damn valuable for North American marketers.

Frequent readers of my blog will be able to better understand why I think Old School marketing principles will no longer apply as we are moving into this new  era.  Seth Godin describes it as the « New Marketing » in his book Meat Ball Sundae.


Got the point?

8 réflexions au sujet de « Marketing is re-inventing itself. Are you? »

  1. Hey Etienne, this is cool.

    I think you need a Q & A Section in your blog…
    Something like : « Ask doctor Marketing » 🙂 We could make inquiries on subject we would like to get your opinion about…

    It would be something like: « Mr. Marketing, how can a sponsor take advantage (or not) of the Michael Phelps misadventure? »

    Thanks man!

    • Thanks for you comment Pierre!
      I like the idea of the Q&A…. May be I should create a page where people would simply drop their Marketing question. Let me think about it…..

      Or may be I should redefine the purpose of this blog? Let’s check a few domain names for availability. or Any suggestions

      Regarding Mr Phelps, If I am a Phelps sponsor related to sports or performance, It is going to be tough to « recycle » the event and turn it positively. However, some less mainstream brands could try to recuperate it and turn it to their advantage. It would worth some thoughts!

  2. Salut Étienne,

    Great video.

    You may have seen these two before, along the same topic, but I though I would share them. Also worth looking at. See below.



    and this one which is really good

    • @Jean,
      Yesterday evening when I replied to your comment, I havent’ seen the first video made by digital anthropologist on the eveolution of web to web 2.O. This morning, I started a book on my plane to Vegas. The Title: « Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide ». Author: AMy Shuen. Ironically, in the Preface in which she tries to define what is Web 2.0, at page XV, She recommends to see the Video Web 2.0: The Machine is Us/ing US » to better understand the concept. Isn’t ironic? 😉

      take care and come back visit my hub!


  3. Très bon vidéo !
    Ça résume de façon très claire les changements drastiques au sein de l’industrie de la pub et surtout les challenges auxquels nous sommes maintenant confronté.

    Nicely done !


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